Did you know that indoor air can be worse than outside?

Neither did we, but we soon discovered that things like dust, pollen, bacteria, and outdoor air pollution can make its way inside. They give us allergies, make us sneeze and even affect our quality of sleep.

That’s why checking indoor air quality should be possible for everyone.


Keeping Your Air Healthy Is Easy

The Pure40 is simple. Turn it on, connect it to the nafas app and set your desired air quality. We’ve made sure that it’s a top performer, so you don’t need to worry about room size, CADR and % filtration efficiency.

(if you want to know, it’s 40m2, 350 m3/h and 99.7%)

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Where does indoor air pollution come from?

Indoor air quality is affected by a lot of different things. Our Triple Protection Filter protects your home by removing the following particles:

Pet Dander



Dust Mites

Cooking Smoke

Cleaning Household

Ciggarete Smoke


Triple Filter for Triple Protection

A pre-filter, H12 HEPA and activated carbon help catch all the bad stuff, keeping the air clean and your family safe.

(It’s 99.5% efficiency, if you really want to know!)

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Never Forget To Change Filters

The Auto Filter detection system keeps track of your filter life. Gross, dirty filters are ineffective and unhealthy, the Pure40 will always tell you when it’s time for a change.

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Total Indoor Air Quality Control

One monitors, one cleans. Together, they make keeping your air quality indoors safe and healthy. Pure40 and AirTest - the simple way to keep your home air healthy.

Pure40 and AirTest work in tandem to maintain the air in your home healthy

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Connect To nafas App For Full Features

Set your desired air quality, and the Pure40 will do the rest! It’s that simple. You can also check performance, set schedules, check filter life and more! For optimum experience, pair your AirTest with your Pure40.

Day by Day performance
Day by Day performance
Choose the air quality you want
Choose the air quality you want
Easy Scheduling
Easy Scheduling
Manage multiple devices
Manage multiple devices
Automatic low filter alerts
Automatic low filter alerts

Designed For Your Entire Home

Access multiple devices in different rooms in one place for a clear view of your home air quality. Bedroom, Living Room, Kid’s Room - keeping clean air is simple.


Model Pure40
Product Size265 x 260 x 489 265 x 260 x 489
Net Weight4.6kg 4.6kg
Rated VoltageDC 24V DC 24V
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)350m3/h 350m3/h
Noise Level33dB - 61dB 33dB - 61dB
Fan Speeds4 4
ConnectivityWiFi, Bluetooth WiFi, Bluetooth
Connectivity Nafas App Nafas App
Filter ModelHEPA + Carbon HEPA + Carbon
Filter Size225 x 225 x 315.3mm 225 x 225 x 315.3mm
Filter Weight1.29kg 1.29kg
Filter TypeH12 HEPA H12 HEPA
Filter StructureHoneycomb Active Carbon Honeycomb Active Carbon

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Your One App For Indoor & Outdoor

Your One App For Indoor & Outdoor

Keep track of outdoor air quality through the nafas app. Now all of your air quality needs are in one place. Download today and set up your profile!

Keep track of outdoor and indoor air quality all in one place!